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The Cypher1 Contract Costing program allow the user to monitor the progress of his ‘Jobs’ against ‘Budget‘, evaluating at a glance the current status, thus avoiding costly penalties for late completion or ‘over spending’.

  • Purchase Invoices can be allocated to a Job and posted to Sage Line 50 at the same time, avoiding the time consuming DOUBLE ENTRY. These Purchase Invoices can be batch posted, 20 or 30 (or more at a time).
  • Weekly Time Sheets can also be batch posted to Jobs and ‘Workers Details’ can be stored to speed up the entry of these Time Sheets. Hours can be immediately posted to Sage Payroll for Windows
  • If the Estimate has been produced using the Cypher1 Estimating Software, the Net Cost Budgets for Material, Labour, Miscellaneous and Estimated Hours can be imported when setting up the Job.
  • The program also ‘reads’ information specific to the Job in question directly from other SEC Solutions programs :
  • Purchase Order Processing - to display ‘Committed Costs’
  • Invoicing - To record Sales information and Profit margins
  • Applications - To record monies applied for under the contract

The end user can also see lists of Material / Purchase Invoices and Labour that has been allocated to a Job, and the program produces top quality prints showing financial information on each Job, or ‘Summary’ information of all active/complete Jobs between a certain date range. From the production of a simple ‘Job Sheet’ to a full ‘Work In Progress’ report.

The Costing program now incorporates a maintenance mode as well and allow for planned maintenance scheduling and also for repair callouts.

  • Equipment Register contains full details and Next Service Dates
  • Maintenance Contract Types determine Billing Requirements
  • Sites and Locations enable easy identification of Equipment
  • Resource Allocation enables Workforce to be utilized efficiently
  • Repeat Visits are easily monitored
  • Full Status History is available for all criteria allowing accurate Management figures and Reports to be extracted
  • Automatic Billing creates instant Invoices
  • Software enables automatic creation of Purchase Orders for Materials Required *
  • Utilizes the Cypher1 database of Customers, Wholesalers and discount structures
  • Uses Pre-Formatted Text descriptions to save valuable time
  • A Layout Designer is included to enable the user to create their own Work Record Sheet formats.
  • Site contract details can be viewed whilst logging a callout to check for response time etc.
  • Workers can be allocated using an easy view calendar which can be filtered by worker type etc.
  • Workers can be send an SMS directly to their mobile informing them that a new job has been allocated to them.
  • Workers can interogate the job details remotely using either a Web browser or their mobile phones to read the data live from the system. (1)
  • When the job has been completed Workers can send in the report of work done and time spent via their mobile phone.(1)

(1) Requires a Windows based mobile running at least Window 5

* Dependant on other modules being active…

Click on the images below for a larger screen shot of the costing program in action.

Costing Index Costing Index
Costing Index
Costing Front Page Costing Front Page
Costing Main Screen
 Costing Items Page Costing Items Page
Costing Items
Costing Values Costing Add From Database
Costing Values
Costing Callout Wizard Costing Add From Database
Callout Wizard
Costing Planned Wizard Costing Add From Database
Planned Wizard
Costing Worker Calendar Costing Add From Database
Worker Calendar