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The Stock Control module efficiently monitors and controls the coming and goings of your Stock, producing reports on Stock movements, Reorder quantities based on Reorder levels and produces instant Stock Valuations.

  • Stock can be imported from the Database, and prices are kept updated by the Updating Service we provide.
  • The Software allows for unlimited ‘Locations’…be they Bin Numbers or Outside storage areas.
  • Items in Stock can be given a unique ‘Part Number'.
  • An report of current stock levels is available.
  • Goods can be booked directly into the Costing module.
  • Stock on order placed by the Purchase Order Processing module can be viewed here.
  • A complete ‘Transaction History’ of every product can be viewed, providing full accountability.
  • Non database items can be easily added and given a unique identifier code.
  • Created products can be added to the database if required.
  • Agreed Net prices can be used instead of the usual Trade/Discount/Net.


Click on the images below for a larger screen shot of the stock module in action.

Stock Values Page Stock Values Page
Stock Take Adjustment
Stock Index Stock Index
Select Stock Item
Stock Front Page Stock Front Page
Stock Main Screen
 Stock Items Page Stock Items Page
Stock Transfer Locatiion
Stock Add From Database Page Stock Add From Database
Stock Book In
Stock Values Page Stock Values Page
Stock Book Out
Stock Values Page Stock Values Page
Stock Quick Setup