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Cypher1 Modules

Below is a list of available modules that that make up the complete suite of Cypher1.

Click on the links in the left hand menu or on the image below for a description of each module.

Estimating: This allows the contractor to produce tenders for jobs quickly and accurately. Applications: Enables interim claims to be produced quickly and efficiently.  Invoicing: Enables the speedy and accurate production of all types of Invoices. It provides links to and from many other Cypher1 modules facilitating the transfer of information easily
Costing and Planned Maintenance: Monitors the progress of jobs against budget, evaluating at a glance the current status, thus avoiding costly penalties for late completion or over spending.
Simply and quickly produces Works Record Sheets (Job Sheets) based on either Planned Visits or Call Outs/Breakdowns
Projects: This allow monitoring of activity and costs for customers to check on ongoing maintenance costs for all of the customers sites. Subcontracting: Allows allocating of Purchase Orders to subcontractors for specified jobs, inputting of Invoice received from the subcontractor against allocated jobs, and tracking of payments against these invoices. Automatic VAT and CIS calculations are performed and the payments adjusted accordingly.
Stock Control: Efficiently monitors and controls the coming and goings of your Stock, producing reports on Stock movements, Reorder quantities based on Reorder levels and produces instant Stock Valuations. Purchase Order: This allow placing and tracking of all purchase orders made to suppliers. The costs of the purchase orders can link directly into the Costing module. Goods Required: Allows control over the items that are needed for ongoing contracts so that all required goods can be ordered and delivered where needed in the most effective way.